Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Party Supplies

Official major league baseball collectable's, party supplies and decorations. FREE SHIPPING ORDERS OVER $60.00 or $12.00 shipping fee for orders less then $60.00 Los Angeles area residents pick up your order and save on shipping Our location Los Angeles, CA Please phone 323-912-0636
LA Dodgers Tablecover
LA Dodgers Tablecover

$12.50 each SKU # MLBP-2013 UPC # 094746396770

Dodgers Major League Baseball plastic tablecover
and photo backdrop. Fits a standard 8 foot banquet
table size 54" x 108" or cut in half for smaller table size. Attach to walls and take great memorable birthday picture.

LA Dodgers 6 Pack Pencil Set

$2.50 per pack

Measures 7.5 inches
Official LA Dodgers 6 piece pencil set.
LA Dodgers logo on all 6 pencils.
Standard pencil and excellent quality.

LA Dodgers Lil' Slugger Teammate

$10.50 each SKU # LB1LAD The hot new collectible toy craze

Measures 2 3/4" tall vinyl team figures
Top quality product.
Put Your Game Face On
Team Figure is stand alone.
Dodgers Cake Decoration
LA Dodgers Cake Decoration

$9.50 each Los Angeles Dodgers Cake decoration.
Dodgers Cake Toppers

LA Dodgers Foil Balloons

$2.99 each SKU # 18490 Dodgers 18" Foil Balloons.
Fill with helium or air. Shipped deflated. Balloon Delivery Service Available Click Here

Dodgers Latex Balloons 15"

$2.00 / 6 balloons per pack
3 Blue Dodgers
3 White Dodgers
Dodger 15" Latex balloons
Shipped deflated.
LA Dodgers String Pennant Banner
LA Dodgers String Pennant Banner

$5.99 per string Measures 12 feet long 12 pennant flags per string
Dodger pennants are easy installation.
Use over and over again.
Made of plastic.
Use indoors or Outdoors.
Each pennant measures
8 1/2" across and 10 1/2" long.
Baseball Piñatas (large piñatas)

$20.00 each NO SHIPPING
Will Call Only Large attractive baseball star pinata.
Measures over 36" wide.
Will hold enough toys and candy
Balloon and Pinata Delivery Service Available Click Here
LA Dodgers Medallion Necklace

$8.00 each 42" Dodgers party beads.
Large beads 8mm.
Dodger logo medallion
Made of hard plastic with MLB tags.
Sharp clear design.
LA Dodgers Jersey Invitations

$5.75 per pack | 8 count 8 very attractive Dodger Jersey Invitations
with mailing envelopes.
Team logo and carries the Major League trademark.
Dodgers Dessert Napkins

$4.99 (36 napkins per pack) Measures 5" x 5" Folded
Measures 9in x 9in unfolded 36 Los Angeles Dodgers 2-ply paper dessert napkins. Officially licensed MLB Dodger Napkins.
LA Dodgers 9" Dinner Plates

7.99 / 18 plates per pack Los Angeles Dodgers Official plates.
Made of strong durable paper.
18 Los Angeles Dodgers paper lunch plates
featuring the team logo.
LA Dodgers Beverage Cups

$8.99 per pack SKU # 429356 cups per pack
14oz LA Dodgers plastic cups.
Dodgers logo both sides
Dodgers Beverage Holder and Cooler

$6.00 each Neoprene can holder
Keeps drinks cold
Show your team spirit at every game
Dodgers Playing Cards

$5.99 per pack LA Dodgers official playing cards.
Each pack of cards are wrapped and sealed.
Full deck of real playing cards
with Dodger team logo on each.
LA Dodgers Car Flag

$10.99 each Official Rico Industries license products.
Double sided print. Top quality material.
LA Dodgers Banner Flag

$32.00 each Size 3 feet x 5 feet
Large Dodger flag.
Us indoor or outdoor.
By WinCraft Sports.
100% polyester fabric.
Dodgers Lanyard & Keychain

( Breakaway | Color Blue )

$5.99 each Dodgers Blue Lanyard and detachable keychain
Dodgers Lanyard & Keychain

( Breakaway | Color Black)

$5.99 each NBA Dodgers Lanyard and keychain.
LA Dodgers Keychain

$8.50 each Official NBA Dodgers 3" Keychain.
Round logo metal medallion measures 1 1/2" across.
Has the look and feel of a half dollar coin
LA Dodgers Bumper Sticker

$2.99 each Measures 3"x 12"
Los Angeles Dodgers Bumper Stickers.
Sharp design vibrant colors.
Flashing LED Foam Light Sticks
Flashing LED Foam Light Sticks

Multicolor Lights Measures 18" long

$12.00 per dozen / 12 pieces
SKU # 707B Flashing form stick lights glows in blue, green and red with three speed selections. Steady on, fast blinking and slow blinking. Measures 18 inches long. Very light weight but durable and made all of foam. Battery operated. Comes with batteries. ON/OFF switch. Take to concerts, night clubs, parties, and sporting events. Great for Halloween Night Parties. Child friendly.