LED Finger Lights

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LED Finger Lights
$0.99 cents per pack
4 per finger lights per pack
SKU # 001
UPC 6923215680048

Measures 1 1/2 inches long 1/2 inch wide.
Colors Red, Blue, Green and White.
Battery powered 3 AG3 batteries( sealed)
Battery time 6 to 12 hours some longer
ON/OFF Switch
Age 7 & up
Car Finger Lights
Race Car Finger Lights
$1.00 per pack | 4 per pack
SKU # 4457
4 Race Car finger lights per pack
Measures 1 1/2" long 3/4" wide
Assorted Colors Red, Blue, Green and Orange
Battery: 3 AG3 batteries( sealed)
On/Off switch.
None flashing LED's
LED lights matches car color
Flashing Diamond Cut Rings
Flashing Diamond Cut Rings
$1.00 each
SKU # 99897
Assorted shapes: Hearts, diamonds, stones.
3 Bright flashing LED’s, red, blue, green.
Size adjustable kid size.
Stones are hard plastic.
On/Off switch.
Assorted stone colors red, blue pink and clear.
Most stones size is 1 ½ inches
Flashing White LED Berry Rings
$1.00 each
SKU # 25068
LED flashing silicone berry ring.
3 bright clear LED lights per ring.
One size fits all. Long lasting batteries. ON/OFF
flashing rubber rings
Flashing Pom Pom Ring
$1.00 each
SKU # 78799
Flashing LED silicon rings.
3 LED lights per rings, red, blue green.
Assorted silicon colors, red, blue, green and yellow.
On/Off switch
One size fits all.
Flashing Multi Color Foam Light Sticks
$12.00 per dozen / 12 pieces
Measures 18 inch long foam tube.
Multicolored LED’s red, blue, green.
Speed selector button with 4 settings.
OFF, Fast, Slow and Glow.
Comes with Batteries installed.
Quality guaranteed, Fast shipping.
Los Angeles residents same day pick up.
Flashing LED Rave Gloves
$10.99 per pair
7 LED Color Light Selector Modes.
Can be set to flashing Red, Green, Blue and 4 mixed colors. Glove material color is black with white finger tips that light up.
ON/OFF switch in palm of gloves.
Changeable batteries. Quality guaranteed. One size fits most.