Authentic handpainted Mexican Maracas. Imported from Mexico. Great for most events, weddings, birthday parties, New Year parties and more. Beautiful designs with bright colors. These are real musical instruments imported from Mexico. Great quality, loud noisemakers with a latin touch. Sometimes called rumba shakers. Players hold them by their handles, usually in pairs, and shake them. Maracas are a percussion instrument often used when playing rumba. Latin American percussion instrument consisting of a hollow-gourd rattle containing pebbles or beans and often played in pairs. Maracas are also known by various other names, latin percussions, South American percussion instrument, Vessel Rattles, hand percussions and Orchestral percussion which appear in many genres of the Caribbean and Latin music. Most people find it easy to play this musical instrument. You simply find the tempo of songs and play alone. No special training or classes needed. Simply find the rhythm of the song and play.

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